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Title (Lato Lt 50px)

This template page contains many elements that will be useful when building your own pages.



1) Duplicate this page, and edit the duplicate to create your new page, using the elements already here.




2) Navigate to this page at any time, click on the element you want, copy it (ctrl+C), navigate back to the page you're working on, and hit paste (ctrl+V). I've also described the elements so you can build them yourself, if need be, and included some hopefully helpful tips.

Here's text. The font used is Lato Light. The font size is 28. The font color is #393838.

Though not indented, paragraphs are separated by an empty line.


Sections are separated by 20px followed by a left-aligned red line followed by 40px. (Or just copy and paste the spacers and red line right here.)

You can mix in images. If the image width is 310px, you can have text next to it with a width of 630px, and they'll be separated by 40px of pretty empty space. Watch out: if the text is shorter than the picture, there will be an ugly awkward gap. I'm adding a few extra word to avoid an ugly awkward gap.

Photo Oct 21, 2 33 40 PM for web.jpg

If the text continues (i.e. no new section, no red line), a new paragraph will start 40px below the picture. If, however, the section ends, use another ending-red-line (plus spacers, as always).

Photo Dec 11, 12 46 54 PM edited.jpg

You can put images on the left side of the page, too.

Look at this ugly awkward gap!

Some pages won't have section titles. But if you do want section titles...

Section Title (49px)

You can copy and paste the block above to make section titles. The block is a 49px text box, 20px of space, an outlined yellow line, and another 20px of space.

If you're going to add section titles to your page, though, consider using an ending-red-line aligned to the right. I think that works nicely with these section titles.

Section Title (49px)

I personally like the left-aligned ending-red-lines on pages without titles, and like the right-aligned ending-red-lines on pages with titles.

Don't Forget Your Mobile Site

At the top of the page, in the center of the Wix toolbar, you should see a desktop/mobile switch. You can use this to see the mobile version of your site.

Your page might be a jumbled mess the first time you look at the mobile version.

Not to worry, here are some easy guidelines to follow!

(NOTE: Any changes you make to your mobile site do NOT alter your desktop site. So when you navigate over to the mobile page editor, feel free to change sizes and rearrange elements to make them look nicer on mobile - the desktop site will still be the way you left it.)

At the very top of this page is an empty white box. You might not even have noticed it. This gives you the proper 80px of space on desktop. But on mobile, this should be 40px.

The space under the title, on desktop, is 40px - but on mobile, it should be

Red lines might, by default, be in the wrong place, on mobile. Drag them to whichever side you're using. (You might have to click "Ungroup elements".)

On mobile, leave 40px of space between text and images. And set image widths to 280px. 

If you follow these guidelines, you'll wind up with something that matches the pages I've already made.

However, if you disagree with these guidelines, disregard them.

Ultimately, Wix can be very simple to use - just click on a thing and drag it where you think it looks good.


Click on another item and click "Settings" or "Design", and you'll have easy access to, well, the settings and the design.

Lastly, I like to use the right-aligned ending-red-lines at the very end of a page.


The bottom gap on a page is 80px (40px on mobile).


Like so.

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