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We prefer to operate as the primary "turn key" contractor where we provide an itemized proposal with final cost, complete the installation, start up the system, check for proper operation, and provide an owner's walk-through. We can also serve as a sub-contractor on a construction project with a General Building Contractor, common on larger rennovations and new construction.


Perhaps you’re a particularly crafty individual that embraces the do-it-yourself mentality and knows how to build things, but just aren’t sure where to start. If you ready for the hands-on work, we can provide a full system design with detailed schematics, or even just talk you through the scope, benefits, and cost of the project.


Many of our customers have requested us to provide an annual service procedure for their existing solar energy or hydronic heating system. This can prevent more costly issues from appearing down the road, so having us over periodically depending on the system is a great idea. Maintenance and Servicing Rates


There are times when something breaks, but fear not, because we do our best to repair it. Our team is just as comfortable fixing issues as they arise as they are building systems. 

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